torsdag 14 december 2017

"Darins ögon på mig" || BON

Stickad mönstrad tröja i ull Acne Studios.

Jag fick ställa frågorna denna gång. #BON

Vad frågar man en artist som ständigt är i rampljuset? 
Inget, så vi bad honom att intervjua Bons redaktionschef istället.


Darin asked the questions this time! Instead of being interviewed by Bon.
Darin interviewed Bons editorial manager Stefanie instead.
Rosa skjorta i cupro, svarta byxor i ull, svart läderskärp Hope.

Ljusrosa skjorta i råsiden, bruna manchesterbyxor,
sneakers Our legacy Läderskärp stylistens egna.

There are many journalists that asks me if I think that picture of myself is right. I don't have the energy to comment so I say ”yes, it's good”. But that picture that's communicated is actually hugely long from who I am. I don't believe that I show a lot of myself in media contexts. 

I show who I am through my music. But the real me doesn't come through when I speak about my music and that's what I mean (Alla ögon på mig - "it's easy that I get stuck. Stuck in images that isn't me") That it's easy to get stuck in that, as others sees you as, even though that isn't me. 

- Darin