måndag 15 januari 2018

Darin, back in the studio with Jamie Hartman

California on a winters day
✍️ mode this week. Feeling good about the songs we’ve been working on so far! Off to a good start with the writing, even though writing lyrics while being jet lagged is a little more difficult than it usually is. 😁  @ Los Angeles, California



Sessions with one of my favorite writers, 
Jamie Hartman 🎼🎸🎹  @bensbrother1



* * *

👇 Recap 2016/2017 👇

Before the album 'Tvillingen' got released: "I am now about halfway with my new album. It's in Swedish and I'm doing it completely in the way I want it to be. Plus working with a British songwriter (Jamie Hartman) in LA for a completely different thing which will come later on" - Darin

Writing new songs for you guys!

@ Los Angeles, California

@bensbrother1: Sitting back and watching @darinofficial singing
his Swedish Kurdish arse off #beautifulthings



Cheers to wrapping up another amazing writing
session in LA. 🎉Back to Stockholm! ✈️

@bensbrother1: Working away at a beautiful thing with @darinofficial today.
Top boy. Happy Pre-Thanksgiving writing sessions all.. @ West Los Angeles