torsdag 22 februari 2018

Darin LIVE @ G Ö T E B O R G #darintour2018

Tack Göteborg för en oförglömlig kväll och turnépremiär igår! 
Bättre publik än så hade jag inte kunnat önska. 💙 #darintour2018 @ Gothenburg

Skön läsning i Aftonbladet idag! :)
 #darintour2018 @ Gothenburg

NEXT DAY 23/02-18

From soundcheck to gig! #behindthescenes  #darintour2018

© Anders Deros

© Andreas Carlsson

© Emilia Johansson

© popmuzik_se

@smithandthell: First stop on the tour tonight in Gothenburg, we have the honor to open for amazing @darinofficial 🙏🏽 We’ve had to pinch our selves through out rehearsals, his show is so beautiful! Can’t wait for tonight, we’re playing ’Dumb’ for the first time aswell 🖤❤️

Smith & Thell, one of my absolute favorite bands! They are the 
opening act on the tour, so you guys are definitely in for a treat! 
We can’t wait to see u all very soon! #darintour2018

Let the tour begin! Göteborg, är ni redo för ikväll? 
#darintour2018 @ Gothenburg

Darin's official merchandise can be bought during each gig (feb-apr). 
Will be available online after the tour (april) if nothing else! :)