fredag 16 februari 2018

New single "Astronaut" by Darin out now!

Lyssna på min nya singel  ”Astronaut”  på  Spotify! 
Hoppas ni gillar!

One of the best things that I've learned is that the most valuable things in life are often the things you already have. And sometimes you don't realize it until you lose it. For me it has been like flying away until I didn't feel at home anymore, to hopefully to land again, just like an astronaut.

* * *

About "Astronaut": 
He wrote it to the album (Tvillingen) but he felt it wasn't good enough at the time. So he didn't finish it. But his manager convinced him to re-write it again. He did it and liked the final result, and today it's here, as a single :)

Written by 
Darin himself along with Smith & Thell. 

Graphic Design: Jonas Berg
Photo: Daniel Grizelj
Photo location: Gotland

℗ 2017 Dex Music

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Lyrics / Translation -  'Astronaut'  by Darin 

Har rest genom tiden
Tillbaka till första fotografiet
Till suddiga minnen
När börja’ jag ta oss för givet
Jag blev som nån annan
Jag gick ensam genom livet
Inte förrän jag stanna’
Kunde jag se vad jag blivit

Som jag, som jag längtat efter dig
O jag, visste inte ens jag saknat dig

Här kommer ljuset tillbaka
Allt som en gång slocknat inom mig
Här kommer allt som jag saknat
Sånt som bara du kan ge till mig
Jag är din Astronaut

Jag reste från jorden
Utan att fatta vad jag lämnat
Kanske på solen,
Skulle jag bli mindre ensam
Hur kunde jag tappa
Nånting som jag redan hittat
Hur kunde jag undra
När jag redan hade svar

Som jag, som jag längtat efter dig
O jag, jag behövde bara dig

Jag var ensam som en astronaut
Men ensam den är inte stark
Nu kan jag landa mjukt på marken 

* * *

Have traveled through time
Back to the first photograph
To blurred memories
When I started taking us for granted
I became that someone else
I walked alone through life
Not until I stopped
Could I see what I became

As I, as I yearned after you
And I, didn't even knew I missed you

Here comes the light back
Everything that once extinct within me
Here comes everything I missed
Things that only you can give to me
I'm your Astronaut

I traveled from earth
Without knowing what I left
Perhaps on the sun,
I would be less alone
How could I lose
Something I already found
How could I wonder
When I already had answers

As I, as I yearned after you
And I, I needed only you

I was alone as an astronaut
But the alone one isn't strong
Now I can land softly on the ground


Speaking of an Astronaut, did you know..

He stopped singing!

There was a period in his life when he was not feeling really good, the transition was difficult and it was noticeable evident in that he stopped singing. Or not stopped, but still sang much less. According to him, a sign that he doesn't feel well.

- It was actually the first time in my life I didn't sing. When I was three I started, and ever since then I have always answered "singer" on the question of what I wanna be when I grow up. For a little while it was an astronaut, but it went over. Then I noticed that I sing a lot when I feel good and much less when I do not.


Also Sweden’s first astronaut in space (Christer Fuglesang) brought Darin's CD-singles ("Step Up" / "Breathing Your Love" with him to space on the space shuttle Discovery. All thanks to his niece, Fia Fuglesang.