onsdag 14 mars 2018

Turnésnack och reaktionerna om 'Astronaut' | Spotify

Darin har fans i alla åldrar! Ladda upp inför kommande konserter 
med hans största hits i den här spellistan: http://spoti.fi/2pfhpYm

Lite turnésnack med @spotify om publiken och reaktionerna 
på min nya låt ”Astronaut”. Lyssna här. 👨‍🚀

- This tour has been special. The ages have been the most difference on this tour, than ever before. I think it's awesome. That there is people that comes everyething from children to elderly to people in my age.

The new song that I've released, "Astronaut" is very new. So I haven't known how it would be received. But it was actually very surprising that there are many who already know the song and you get reactions to it.