söndag 22 april 2018

THANK YOU #darintour2018

About two month ago.. (59 days to be exact) LIVE in Gothenburg (premiere)

Two weeks ago was the last tour stop for Darin, (this year for his spring tour). It went way tooo fast, it was like yesterday the tour just started. Speaking of started.. I'm still (in my head) in Gothenburg, where it started this year. I still live on the magnificent memory that D and his band/crew/Smith & Thell gave me.
Don't think you'll ever understand how grateful I'm for this. A single thank you, wouldn't be enough or fair to say. I honestly don't know what to say, or how to say it. D, what you n your band/crew/Smith & Thell gave me during this tour.. it's beyond words. It was lot of mixed emotions (as promised). Loved every bit of it. THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

First impression: Live in Gothenburg (premiere)
Need to start by mention.. I don't know why but this tour I just felt I wanted see it all (entire stage), instead of see a little part of it (front row). So I was in the back, in the middle where you could see everything. Let me tell you this: BEST DECISION EVER!! My heart was literally on the way out of my chest, right after the first song/performance.

I had WOOOW moment after WOOOOOW moments. To the point that my mouth was on the floor, wide open by amazement. Sooo good and so well planted. Wanted to throw everything I had, run over the audience and go crazy with D on stage. His moves, his performance, his glow, his voice.. everything just... HOLY DAMN!! D you're sick. Don't know how to put it into words just that you're sick. THANK YOU

Ps. for me who have been there since day one, it makes me happy to see all kinds of generations at his concerts it's just so heartwarming, especially all the love they gave him n when the applauses didn't wanted to end. It started with kids/teenagers, grewed to elderly with walkers.

But I don't wanna be "that one".. There's the thing, I don't know about u but when you're at a concert (any concert) you don't start to chitchat about your everyday life during the show. Enjoy the show instead, have fun, sing a long, dance, go crazy, cheer.. or is it just me? Especially the older ones (some of them) just couldn't shut the hell up, it was very disturbing in some cities to enjoy it fully. Besides that, so fun to see and to even see the technicians enjoying their work by digging along as well :)  

Thank you once again all of you!!
- Anders Pettersson (guitar)
- Rasmus Söderling (drums)
- Rickard Lindhamn (base)
- Christer Karlsson (keyboard / chapel master) 
- Stråkkapellet (Madelene Johansson, Isabelle Andö, Anna Manell, Victoria Nilsdotter)
- Smith & Thell (support act)
- Darin (artist / singer)

Konserthusturné 2018
22 Feb GÖTEBORG Lisebergshallen
23 Feb ÖREBRO Conventum (SOLD OUT)
25 Feb VÄSTERÅS Konserthus (SOLD OUT)
28 Feb UMEÅ Idunteatern

1 Mar LULEÅ Kulturens Hus (SOLD OUT)
3 Mar SUNDSVALL Tonhallen (SOLD OUT)
8 Mar LINKÖPING Konsert & Kongress (SOLD OUT)
9 Mar FALUN Magasinet (SOLD OUT)
15 Mar VÄXJÖ Konserthus (SOLD OUT)
16 Mar SKÖVDE Arena Skövde (SOLD OUT)
17 Mar BORÅS Åhaga (SOLD OUT)
18 Mar JÖNKÖPING Konserthuset (SOLD OUT)
23 Mar ÅLAND Alandica 
24 Mar UPPSALA Konsert & Kongress (SOLD OUT)
25 Mar GÄVLE Konserthus (SOLD OUT)

4 Apr MALMÖ Malmö Live (SOLD OUT)
5 Apr KALMAR Kalmarsalen (SOLD OUT)
6 Apr HALMSTAD Halmstad Teater (SOLD OUT)
7 Apr HELSINGBORG Konserthuset (SOLD OUT)
8 Apr NORRKÖPING Louis de Geer (SOLD OUT)

Setlist: (Smith & Thell) Support act
- Statue 
- Row 
- Toast 
- Girl from the sea 
- Dumb
Setlist: (Darin) 
- Rädda mig 
- Tvillingen 
- Den här sången 
- Vilse i dig 
- Astronaut 
- Mardröm ft. Smith & Thell 
- Juliet ft. Smith & Thell 
- Astrologen 
- Tänk dig 
- Lovekiller 
- Man över bord 
- Nobody Knows 
- Alla ögon på mig 
- What if I kissed you now 
- Why does it rain 
- Göteborg 
- Följa john 
- Viva la vida 
- Step up 
- En apa som liknar dig 

- Ta mig tillbaka 
- Runaway 
- Ja må du leva ft. Smith & Thell