onsdag 11 juli 2018

QnA with Darin @ insta stories

What animal are you?
- Apan som liknar dig (the monkey that looks like you)

What song are you most proud of?
- "Ja må du leva", cuz it has made many people feel better.

Who are you going abroad with all the time?
- Bamse

Favorite drink?
- Eastern standard

Would you be able to date a fan?
- Maybe so maybe 

Single or in a relationship?
- Single, ready to mingle

Why don't u come back to Kurdistan?
- I want soon! Looking forward to it very much!!!

Where are you? What are you doing? How are you? :)
- Mom, I'll call you later!

How good is your Värmland language? I want proof!
- I understand most of it :P

You have traveled a lot ... Which country has been the best so far?
- I liked Brazil very much. Suited my vibe well!

Best concert memories from all your concerts over the years?
- When I and the whole Cirkus sang to my mom on her birthday during this spring.

Favorite song ever?
- By your side - Sade

Will you make English music again?
- Yes I will, but it's prob gonna be a while. Want it to be real good.

Favourite series right now and through the years?
- The handmaid's tale should everyone see. Otherwise GoT, looking forward to the last season!