Exactly 10 years ago since his 1st official release, "Money for Nothing" (The Anthem)

2005-01-26 || 2015-01-26


10 years ago today I released my first single
Money for nothing, feels like yesterday. :)

Got this amazing painting and a trip back to everything i've done since i began my carreer from the fans in a video clip today, thank you guys so much,
you're the best!! :) #10yearsasanartisttoday

My story, my Darin journey (my first time):

I was somewhere between 11-12 years old, and for me it was a normal regular day in school. But that changed very quickly when I saw/heard a certain (very special) person on tv. At first I didn't care that much about it. Everyone in school, my friends, strangers on the street couldn't stop talking about it. So I said to myself "well, ok I can give it a chance, it will not kill me".

Let me tell you this, that program was for the first season of Idol 2004 (in Sweden) changed my life for the better (once you have been through things in life, I think you understand why). This is because of one very special person. For me it was / is the best thing that could happen and I have no regrets! Who? Well, my friend on that program - there he was, DARIN! Yes people it's Darin Zanyar I'm talking about, a very handsome smart guy with big music talent.

Finally after all the talk about the new (tv) music program in Sweden. The day was finally here. Audition after audition ... and suddenly:

"Can this be true, tell me 
can this be real ..."

I was hooked! Besides his good looking hotness, - his voice OMG!!!!

You can think whatever you want, but from that moment when I saw/heard him. I just knew he had smth very special inside him. Everything about him was/is out of the ordinary, that nobody had/has. Until today, - he's the only one! Ever since that time I have followed his amazing journey.

From the beginning I was so nervous and very scared to see/meet him. Why exactly, I don't know. But I guess when you're at that age (like I was) it's little scary to meet new people in "real life".

I don't know what it was but I took the courage to see him - live! But I didn't know what to expect, or if I also was brave enough to meet him (face-to-face).

Before the finale, he and the other contestants visited "Heron City" 20/11-04 (in Stockholm - Kungens Kurva) to perform and sign the album of Idol 2004. There was so many people there, to the point you literally couldn't breathe. I don't know about you (if you was there) but that was what I felt/saw/experienced.

Anyway at the end of the performance, Darin "stopped for a second", looked up and smiled.

I mean that feeling was (still is) indescribable. I was "upstairs" behind a "glass thing" between two persons legs. It was very tight so the only thing I could do/be were "between their legs" (I'm not kidding).

So the moment I "fighted me in" between them (two girls), - I saw him and the next thing I saw was his beautiful smile, looking up at me ...

I was in heaven ♥

He stepped into my life without knowing what to expect and now 10 years later ...

I'm forever grateful!

You have done so much for me, without you knowing about it. So, Darin there's no words that can describe how thankful I'm. You never stop to surprise me, keep it and thank you for everything, so much. Looking forward to the future and what's to come, because when you're in it. Then I know for sure it will be epic. No doubt about that.
Zor supas, haz la to akam!! ♥ ;)

(Super tack igen, Stefan)

Lot of you might, didn't knew this about me. Because "today" it's so completely different. Like I mentioned before, from the beginning I was very nervous, scared and also very shy, to see/meet him. Besides him, I was like that as a person, when it comes to meet new people. But with him it felt/was 100000 times more (somehow), eventually the older I got, the more "relaxed and social" I became. 

Long story short, from the beginning I was there for him but he didn't knew that.

Because I hid myself as much as possible. Then every year I promised myself that I'll take "baby steps" to show him my support. I also wanted to create some sort of site for him, so that the rest of the world would/could discover his incredible talent. But again I was too shy, plus I didn't had the kind of knowledge to do that.

Year by year, day after day I "opened" myself more and more (if you know what I mean). Later on (few years later) I started "darin_gloria". I didn't know what to expect or if I was good enough to do it. But I gave it a shot and did the best I could, to make it work. The more I did, the more I tried the more good at it I became.

And THAT, my friend really showed. The statistics just got bigger and bigger and it still does, not only from Sweden but all over the world. For me it means a lot, and especially when fans say that to me. Why? Well first of all I need to say I appreciate it so much. Because in that way, I could see if I'm did smth right or not. Plus I got amazing friends, by this. I didn't expect that at all and I'm so grateful (you know who you're, love u all).

With that said, when I saw what I didn't expect it to become. I decided to change the name, but before I did that. I let all of you to vote about it (if I would do it or not). So I guess by now you can figure out the answer. With other words, I listened and did what you wished for. From "darin_gloria" I became "DARINnewZ".

I love this and I'm doing this because I want to.
Not because somebody told me to do it. 

Besides that, I think there's still more to learn and I'm trying my best to have the time for it, at the same time to make it work with my personal life.

One more thing, for those of you who underestimate him - DON'T!!!!
I'm telling ya, you'll be missing out on smth extraordinary.
I can bet my life on it and guarantee you that!

I would love to tell you everything but that, would probably take me 10 years more :p

Ciao for now /G