Do you work for Darin (officially)?

- No, I just like [LOVE] to do it. But if the chance come, I will not say NO!!! That would be the best "job" ever. Well, I hope that day will come, someday. If not - then I am just glad for how it's right now.

You're not the real Darin, right?

- No, I'm not. I am just a big fan, like everyone else.

How much do you earn on the blog?

- Wow, a lot - haha just kidding. Actually, nothing at all!!

Do you ever get an advantage - for example; tickets, meet and greet, etc...?!

- No, never!! I didn't start this blog, for that. I started it because I want the whole world to know how talented Darin is. And because I was tired of there wasn't enough information / news about him. I felt that I knew so much that I wanted to share with you the information / news.

Is there someone who help you to get all the information / news about him?

- No, actually - I find everything all by myself but sometimes "the news comes to me" without me asking for it. I appreciate, of course!

How much time do you engage for it?

- Well, from the start it wasn't so much but the recent years it has become more and more. I am trying to live my personal life and at the same time, make time for the blog / Darin. Because Darin deserve it so much!!!

P.s. let me know if you want to know something more :)